10 Amazing Ways Your Dog Tells You They Love You

10 Amazing Ways Your Dog Tells You They Love You –


Staring into your eyes

Research shows that just like humans, dogs can develop a strong emotional bond with someone else by staring into their eyes. So, if you ever have a stare down with your pupper, you guys are growing closer by the second!


Bringing you toys

Researches found that dogs can be extremely possessive and protective of their toys. In fact, they often go out of their way to make sure that others don’t touch them. So, when your dog brings you one of their toys, this is the ultimate sign of trust and love.


Yawning when you yawn

You know how when you’re in a room and someone yawns, more often than not someone else will yawn too? It’s the same with dogs. Studies have shown that this act is related to empathy, so if your dog yawns after you yawn, the little fella is just trying to relate to you.


Sleeping with you

This one is a given, but hey, it’s still adorable. If your dog sleeps in your bed or falls asleep on you, it’s a huge sign of comfort, trust, and love.


Tail Wagging

Researchers have found that dogs wag their tails to communicate, and when they do it to us, they’re letting you know that they’re open to interact with you and want to emotionally engage with you.


Raising eyebrows and showing tongues

Researches have found that dogs have facial expressions that they knowingly use to communicate with us. What they believe is that when dogs raise their eyebrows at you and show you their tongues, they’re doing it to look “cuter” for you.

*This is obviously different when a dog is simply panting.


Leaning on you

Dogs are naturally pack animals who often choose to support/find support from those they trust. So when your dog leans in or actively attempts to cuddle you, it’s saying that it trusts you, feels safe around you, and loves you.




Have you ever tried to pet a dog that didn’t know you only to have it try and bite you? That’s because it doesn’t trust you. It’s natural. Many dogs perceive pats on the head as a threat if it comes from someone they don’t know. So, when your dog not only allows you to do this but blatantly enjoys it, that’s love, dawg.


Being Patient

If your dog patiently waits for you when you leave the house, this isn’t a sign of it not giving a shit that you left, it’s a sign of it trusting you and knowing that you’ll come back.


Being happier than ever to see you come home

A ton of research has shown that reunions with their owners has an extremely positive effect on dogs. If that doesn’t show love I don’t know what does.

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