10 Cats Pose With Movie Posters And The Results Are Purrfect

10 Cats Pose With Movie Posters And The Results Are Purrfect



If you’ve been following the antics of Instagrammer and pop-culture enthusiast, Jaemy Choong, on his social media platforms, you’ll know that his quirky photos combining his real-life friends with iconic movie posters have been going on for awhile with no end in sight. He’s been doing it for years and as of late, he’s even started experimenting with cats in his “mash-up” photos!

For those of us who own cats (or rather, our cats own us) you’ll know that getting these little furry felines to stay still for anything at all is, in itself, a tremendous effort. The way Jaemy manages to capture them in the various positions to fit with the movie posters he has chosen for his shots is downright genius and not to mention super adorable!

His hilariously positioned poster shots and funny captions showcase the various moods of our beloved cats in their nonchalant-but-intense, snobbish-but-needy, lazy-but-playful energy that we owners love them for.






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