10 Kitchen DIY Projects That Will Help You Get Organized

10 Kitchen DIY Projects That Will Help You Get Organized –

These top ten best kitchen DIY projects will motivate you to take advantage of the space you already have, and a create more proactive and functional place.

From spice racks to utensil organizers, there is a project for everything that can improve their organization. Kitchens can be some of the hardest places to organize in the house, but don’t worry. There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the space you already have, and create more proactive, functional places.

Once you have a place for each of your items, cleaning up will get much easier. These are the top ten best kitchen DIY projects that will improve your productivity.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Thanks to Practically Functional, to start off our list of the best kitchen DIY projects, we’re going to organize one of the most troublesome area, the spice cabinet. We only have so many places in our kitchen, and trying to organize something such as spices is often overwhelming.

This project only includes magnetic spice tins, a sheet of tin, decorative paper, mod podge, and labels. You will attach the paper with mod podge, wait for it to dry, and drill pilot holes in the corner of the tin to apply to the back of the cabinet door. The final step is to transfer your spices into the tins, and attach them to your decorative sheet.

Paper Towel Drawer

As one of the best kitchen DIY projects, including a paper towel drawer in your kitchen will clear counter space and provide you with a convenient spot for your cleaning needs. This project comes from addicted2decoratingand includes only a few simple steps.

With a bit of handy-work, you can attach a one-inch dowel rod to the inside of your drawer. You can find one at Home Depot, and you will screw on two washers, measure the length, and drill holes in the sides of the drawer. Then, simply hot glue the washers together, and attach them to the end of the dowel that has a strong magnet attached.

Device Charging Station

No one enjoys the sight of disorganized cords. As a major organizational tip, finding a place to put all of your charging needs is essential to cleaning off your countertops and kitchen island space. This project comes from lilluna; if she created it all by herself, you can too. You’ll need three boards, finish nails, wood glue, a saw, a hammer, a square, a drill, and a drill bit.

She then cut the boards into the appropriate measurements to include dividers, charger holes, and the correct dimensions. Then, the finish nails are added, as well as the wood glue. And finally, the paint. Trust us, the finished product is well worth the task.

Cabinet Racks

Though this project isn’t too much of a do it yourself task, adding a few cabinet racks into your larger kitchen cabinets will improve organization drastically. This especially works well for large items like baking sheets or pots.

These cabinet racks can be found at Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, or even the Container Store. As one of the best kitchen DIY projects, this hack will only require a few minutes of installation, and will improve your daily kitchen use.

Display Board

We often find that the kitchen counter is, unfortunately, the home to many items that ultimately don’t have a home. This can include art projects, homework, bills, and letters. That’s why creating a display board for your kitchen wall is something that is necessary to clearing your countertops, while also acting as a home decoration.

This DIY project comes from lollyjane. This calls for a cork board, painted and wrapped, jumbo clothespins, and some creativity. It’s a super adorable, unique DIY project, and will keep all those art projects off your counter.

Fake Drawer Under Sink

Most kitchens have a “fake” drawer under the sink, which always seems to be a waste of space. It is, and there are plenty of ways to transform it into a functional space.

To do so, we found this extremely helpful YouTube video that takes you through each step of the process. As one of the best kitchen DIY projects, he teaches his viewers how to turn a false front drawer into a working attribute to your kitchen. Plus, it includes soft close slides.

Utensil Drawer Organizer

Built from scratch, DIYNetwork has step-by-step instructions to improve your utensil storage, because we know how chaotic that drawer can get.

First, measure the inside of the drawer, cup the poplar stock, secure the stock together, attach the width support, and finally, create the compartments.

As a fun project that will save you a lot of struggle when putting away the dishes, this is an essential to all your organizational needs.

Hangable Pot Rack

Pots are some of the most difficult accessories in your kitchen to organize. That’s why DIYNetwork has created their own solution, with one of the best kitchen DIY projects. You’ll need a hacksaw, sandpaper, bar clamps, screw books, S-hooks, and brad nails.

With step by step instructions, Chris Hil takes you through cutting the materials, assembling the base, and hanging the hardware. In no time, you’ll have one convenient space for all of your largest pots.

Alcohol Rack

We couldn’t forget about creating an organized and convenient space for your alcohol. This DIY project is created for alcohol and alcoholic accessories, mostly geared toward wine and wine glasses, but you can use it for any of your storage needs. Created by A Beautiful Mess’ Mandi Johnson, this vintage-inspired liquor cabinet would look great in any kitchen.

Created from scratch, you’ll need a few tools, lots of lumber, and some patience. The step by step instructional is perfect for completing this project on a day off, and will provide a beautiful space for your kitchen’s most prized possessions.

Plate Rack

To finish our list of the best kitchen DIY projects, this plate rack is a simple yet necessary accessory. Lots of these projects include adding a rack for your accessories, and for good reason. This rack is geared toward minimizing space and eliminating damage.

Created by This Old House, the DIY project requires a lot of patience, time, and energy. However, if you collaborate with a fellow DIY lover, this project is well worth the time, as your plates will each have their own space.



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