10 Most Unique Animal Cafes From Around The World

10 Most Unique Animal Cafes From Around The World –


Rejoice, animal lovers! The world is overflowing with animal cafes on every continent. Here, we’ve rounded up the 10 most unique coffee, breakfast, and lunch spots with something a little extra on their menu — playtime with cute (and cold-blooded) creatures. Ever wondered what it’d be like to hold a hedgehog or pose for a picture with an owl? We sure have, and now there are cafes that specialize in these kinds of one-on-one interactions with undomesticated animals. If you can get over the shedding and middle-of-the-room bathroom use, animals cafes might be right up your alley for a walk on the wild side.


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Ever wondered what it feels like to hold a hedgehog? At Harry Hedgehog Cafe in Tokyo, Japan, locals and tourists alike can hold, pet, and feed these wild animals with tougher-than-steel spiked on their back for ultimate protection against predators. Unsurprisingly, there’s almost always a line at the door — but they do take online reservations. The only downside is that hedgehogs are naturally nocturnal and may be extra tired when guests come in to socialize with them. That aside, the hedgehogs here are said to be friendly and brave enough to eat snacks (fruits, mealworms, and bugs) out of people’s hands.


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Most of us are familiar with raccoons because they eat out of our trash cans late at night. These nocturnal cuties are hardly seen out in the daylight, and when they are, it usually means they’re sick with rabies or something. At Raccoon Cafe, however, it’s an entirely different story. These black-eyed bandits are down to play any time of day — and it’s not just with humans. The Raccoon Cafe in Seoul, South Korea is packed with dogs, too, who aren’t phased in the slightest by the pack of raccoons walking around, eating crumbs off the floor, and accepting pets from visitors.


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Amazingly, those are not fake or taxidermy sheep. At Thanks Nature cafe, guests can eat, drink, and be merry in a barn-like atmosphere with sheep walking amongst the tables. To be perfectly honest, the whole concept of animal cafes sounds a little unsanitary — but that won’t stop people from petting sheep and eating waffles at the same time, without washing their hands in between. No judgment here. This Seoul hotspot is a wildly popular spot for families with young children. Their Facebook page insists that all the sheep are well-cared for and friendly with toddlers. If you can look past the droppings everywhere, take a visit with South Korea!


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Man, why does Tokyo get all the cool animal cafes? The Sakuragaoka Cafe is famed for its two residential goats, Sakura and Chocolat. Contrary to what you see in the photo, these goats are free to roam around the cafe and do as they please. If they feel like eating human food, they can. If they feel like getting pets, they can. If they feel like playing with their goat toys, they can. Sakura and Chocolat have an adorable relationship that consists of nonstop cuddling and snuggling. The Sakuragaoka Cafe has a calm and peaceful environment with the goats being relatively quiet and entertained by their bail of hay in the corner.


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See those clear cages in the back? Yeah, those are filled with cold-blooded critters. If petting fully creatures isn’t your thing and you’re tired of the standard dogs, cats, and bunnies, check out Reptile Cafe in Osaka, Japan, where one of the first animal cafes first came to light. Reptile Cafe is home to a variety of lizards, tortoises, snakes, and amphibians. The majority of these reptiles are kept in solitude to prevent injuries, but some of the more docile creatures, like the tortoises can be seen roaming peacefully (and slowly) around the cafe. There’s no price for admission, but you are expected to buy something at the cafe.


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Don’t mind me, just scratching myself next to your table. Despite the amount of alpaca hair that must be in the air at all times, locals and residents in Taipei love eating at Oia Art Cafe. This place is half art gallery, half alpaca petting zoo. There are no limitations here when it comes to socializing with the animals. You can pet them, feed them, take pictures, and look at art. There are no cages or walls separating you from the alpacas, so prepare to have them all up in your business and begging for bites of your food. They sure are cute, though!


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Animals cafes in Eastern Asia are as popular as Starbucks in the US. Moving into Hong Kong territory, Rabbitland opened in August of 2016 on High Street. The cafe features 12 resident rabbits (all of which have been rescued from adoption centers) who adorably nibble on grass all day long and accept pets from visitors. Since all the long-eared cuties are rescues, families can’t take them home. They can, however, teach children about the responsibilities that come with owning a rabbit. What they eat, how much they poop, how much exercise they need, how to clean them, and so on. It’s a great way to learn for kids.


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The Perch belongs on this list because it’s America’s first-ever bird cafe. Affiliated with the Metro Denver Parrot Rescue, this Colorado Springs-based lunch spot is part of a bigger vision to give parrots a longer and happier life. As of 2016, the Parrot Rescue has found homes for more than 250 birds. Eating and sipping coffee at this place is far more than looking at pretty, colorful feathers. It’s about understanding, loving, and respecting the treatment of these beautiful birds. And, if you have a bird of your own, this is the perfect place to shop for food, toys, and accessories.


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Surprise, surprise, Toyko is home to yet another crazy animal cafe. This time, we’re talking about owls. Anyone who’s ever had a Harry Potter fantasy must be crazy about these kooky, wide-eyed creatures with big personalities. You may just find your Hedwig here. It only costs 12 dollars (1,500 yen) to hang out with owls for an hour. On top of that, you get a well-stocked international water bar and a souvenir photo. Once your table is open and you’re ushered into the venue, you’ll find arranged tables and chairs with 50 pairs of owl eyes watching you. It may be a little intimidating.


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Let’s say you’re hanging out with a big group of friends and none of you are willing to compromise on your animal cafe of choice. One person wants parrots, another person wants reptiles, a third person wants rabbits, and so on. Fortunately, in Tsukuba, Japan, there’s an animal cafe that caters to all. It’s the Moff Animal Cafe. It features a cat playroom, complete with coffee and seating arrangements, and the main room where you can interact with a variety of animals — each one cuter than the next! Parrots, rabbits, tortoises, iguanas, and a literal bathtub filled with baby chicks. Holy moly that sounds amazing!

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