Both your dog and your boyfriend hold a special place in your heart. Being that he’s a human, there are certain instances when you weren’t expecting to get annoyed with your partner over the same thing you just rolled your eyes at the dog for. Let’s face it though; sometimes it happens. Don’t worry guys; we still love you just as much as the dog… I mean, more. We love you more than the dog.

1. They’re terrified of storms. A lot of dogs are, and they aren’t very good at hiding it. The helplessness comes across as rather cute, when your dog paces around or tries to hide under the table. It would be hilarious, but perhaps a little over the top if your boyfriend did the same thing every time there was a thunderstorm.

2. And vacuums… You swear you just saw them a minute ago but they disappeared once they heard you mention vacuuming.

3. They smell a little funky sometimes. You’re fully prepared and accepting of your pup jumping all over you, even though you know full well that they will leave a bit of a strange smell on your clothes after. Yet you won’t even go near your significant other until they shower after the gym. It’s easy to wonder whether or not both of them may have just been rolling around in the same patch of grass that once housed a skunk.


4. They don’t think twice about where they go to the bathroom. As long as the dog doesn’t go in the house you’re pretty much happy. You two have a simple understanding. As far as your boyfriend, it’s extremely annoying when they decide to go five feet off into the woods instead of walking ten feet to the house just because they can. To be honest, this mostly annoys you because of how ungraceful it is when you try to do it yourself. Not fair guys.

5. They always want a bite of whatever you’re eating. It’s impressive that your dog can sit there and stare at you, full of hope, waiting for the moment you finally break down and give them the rest of your sandwich. If your boyfriend tried anything like that you’d probably feel extremely uncomfortable that his eyes are following your food from the plate to your mouth and back again…especially if he’s salivating.

6. They steal your shoes. By no means do you like it when your dog stealthily takes your shoe off of the rug and hordes it by their bed. This is a far smaller issue than if you found out your man has been running off with your new shoes…

7. They randomly try licking you. Why is it that we put up a minimal fight to a dog lunging at our faces in order to lick us, but when a human does it they’re “drunk” and “don’t know how to act in public?”

8. They have a short attention span.

9. They always need to know where you’re going and if they can come with you. You feel horrible that you can’t take your furry little friend with you to work, the gym and everywhere else that you go. On the other hand, if your boyfriend started doing this you’d probably think he was a stalker, or at the very least, a little bit too clingy.

10. They’re really messy eaters. It’s actually kind of impressive to watch a dog scarf down their entire dinner in less than a minute. However, if you’re on a first date and the guy you’re with eats or drinks with even half the ferocity that you’re dog has, you may both be asked the leave the restaurant.