11 Animals in Curious Predicaments

11 Animals in Curious Predicaments – 

How can a cow jump over the moon if it can’t make a guardrail? (Photo)

Sometimes the whole world is upside down. Oh, wait—that’s just me! (Photo)

Note to self: Never mess with the cats again. (Photo)

A dog who can’t dog very well. (Source)

Come to park, they said. It would be fun, they said. (Photo)

The short end of the stick would help in this case. (Photo)

Sno-Caps in feline form. (Photo)

So close and yet so far… (Photo)

To strike or not to strike? This venomous cobra in a drought-hit village in India was thirsty enough to drink water from a bottle.


The higher the heights, the lower the lows. (Photo)

Rescuers practically covered this squirrel in butter to get him out of a tight squeeze, but this embarrassing predicament has a delightful ending—New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth, MA took him in and treated him to a spa day! (Photo)

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