11 Cats That Are Totally Judging You

11 Cats That Are Totally Judging You



Facial expression give away everything. If someone doesn’t like something you’ll see it on their expression, foods gross, smells bad, shocked, and of course the one we all know… that judgmental look. And we have some news to tell you… humans are not the only ones with that look! These cats prove that they too can give the judgmental look, with some attitude.

“Are you really going to wear that outside?”

“Is this book really for you?”

“Are you really going to eat and not give me some?”

“Are you seriously picking me up for a photo right now?”

“Did you seriously get a dog?”

“That outfit with those shoes?”

“It’s 4am… are you seriously still sleeping?”

“She actually put me on a diet… she should be on a diet”

“You think this is cute?”

“You think it’s cute to annoy your cat?”

“You seriously think I won’t remember this Claire?”

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