11 Kitty Cafés Around The World That Are Totally The Cat’s Meow

11 Kitty Cafés Around The World That Are Totally The Cat’s Meow –

1. Meow Parlour — New York City

Whether you want to just chill with some cute kitties or try something really out there (like kitty yoga), Meow Parlour, NYC’s first cat café, is a darn cool place to do either. Oh, and all the lil’ babies you see at the shop are available for adoption!

2. Kitty Café — Nottingham, England

This café offers everything from toasties to desserts, with over 100 different types of tea. Some of the wait staff even dress up in cute kitty costumes. And if you happen to fall in love with one of the felines, you can adopt them as well: This is a re-homing facility that takes in rescue cats, strays, and ones with medical conditions and they take care of them until they find their forever home!

3. KitTea — San Francisco

KitTea is the first and only cat café in San Fran, and is a unique place to unwind and cuddle all the cats you want while munching on some sweet treats. This particular café is partnered with the Petco Foundation, so, together they work to promote animal welfare, and help these babes find forever homes. They also offer tons of events, like a “Cats On Mats” yoga class and “Mewvie” nights.

4. MiaGola Caffé — Turin, Italy

This café has placemats with pictures and descriptions of each of the cats that live here, so it’s easy for visitors to become familiar with each feline! How cute! Wanna know what is EVEN CUTER than that, though? This café has special mailboxes to drop off the fan mail to your favorite cat! :’)

5. Les Café Des Chats — Montreal

Unfortunately, these cats are not up for adoption, but there ~are~ 8 cats living in this coffee house, who are adopted from SPCA Montreal. They are treated like queens in this kitty palace. You can spend some time with these healthy, happy kitties, while enjoying a latte or another treat.

6. Purringtons Cat Lounge — Portland, Oregon

Purringtons has a sick menu with anything from alcohol to nachos to deviled eggs. You can adopt the babies you see at this shop, and according to their website, they’ve successfully found homes for over 170 cats.

7. The Cat Café — San Diego

THERE IS FREE ENTRY INTO THE CAT PLAYPEN at this cat café, as long as you get some food or drink. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. They’ve got coffee and treats and kitties. It’s a win-win-win. This particular café is partnered with the no-kill San Diego Humane Society.

8. Planet Tails — Naples, Florida

This place was the second operational cat café in the US. Guests can seek adoptions and come play with the cuties — er, kitties — from Collier County Domestic Animal Services in the café.

9. Denver Cat Company — Denver

This café is for adorers of cats, coffee, tea, reading, and cozy little nooks. They also serve as a used bookstore and a local art gallery — um, AMAZING. It is charming as heck, with lots of comfy chairs, cozy corners, lamps, and natural sunlight. For some fun kitty activities, YOU CAN PAINT WITH CATS. Denver Cat Company partners with Teller Street Gallery to provide paint classes.

10. Bag of Nails Pub — Bristol, England

Just when you think you have seen it all, think again — this is an English pub that just so happens to have about 15 cats living there! They’re known for their great selection of alcohol, especially beer, but you may also have a cat come crawl into your lap. The purrfect situation, tbh.

11. Cat Café Calico — Tokyo

Cat cafés were born in Japan, and this one just so happens to be located in the Kabuki-cho district of Shinjuku, Tokyo. This is a 5-star rated cat café, according to alltheir Facebook page reviews. Of course this place has amazing food, with about 50 cats on-site — what more could you possibly want? 🙂

Now, go forth and live your cat café travel dreams!

11 Kitty Cafés Around The World That Are Totally The Cat’s Meow


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