11 Things Your Dog Wants You To Know

11 Things Your Dog Wants You To Know –




Dogs in the US are very popular and almost 90 million families have dogs as their pets. These days, many families decide to get a dog and it seems that we should know everything about them. However, we can’t always tell if a dog is giving us a silent warning or if it’s feeling insecure. Perhaps there are a few things dogs would like us to know so that we can understand each other better.

1. Relaxed

Funny Young Black Rottweiler Metzgerhund Puppy Dog Smiling In Green Grass In Summer Park Outdoor.
  • Ears are up but not forward;
  • Mouth opened, tongue exposed;
  • Tail relaxed.

The dog is relaxed and comfortable and saying “I like you.”

2. Trust

  • Belly exposed;
  • Turns its back to you.

This is the highest sign of trust. Rubbing the belly means that you are content and it’s like a mental treat for your furry friend.

3. Asking for attention

  • Head on your knees;
  • Direct eye contact;
  • Ears relaxed.

Your dog is asking for some attention. When he pushes your hand with its nose, it is saying “Pet me!”

4. Curious

Outdoor puppy portrait
  • Ears straight up or forward;
  • Tail slightly above horizontal.

The dog is curious — it has found something very interesting and is going to explore.

5. Needs a break.

Licking the nose has nothing to do with food — it actually means that the dog is stressed and needs a break from whatever they are doing, like training, for example.

6. Alert

  • Eyes wide;
  • Ears forward;
  • Tails horizontal and may move slightly from side to side;
  • Stands slightly forward.

The dog is concerned about something but is not sure yet if it’s dangerous. At this stage, it is just alertand assessing the situation.

7. Giving a warning

Funny Young Black Rottweiler Metzgerhund Puppy Dog Play In Green Grass In Summer Park Outdoor.
  • Eyes focused;
  • Ears forward;
  • Mouth closed;
  • Tails horizontal and may move slightly from side to side;
  • Stands slightly forward;

The critical difference in comparison to the assessing stage is the closed mouth. The dog really doesn’t like the situation and starts feeling defensive or protective. The closed mouth and the focused stare are the first warning signs that the dog is telling someone to “stay away.”

8. Angry

Enraged aggressive, angry dog. Grin jaws with fangs , hungry, drool.
  • Ears forward, might be slightly spread to the side forming wide V;
  • Nose wrinkled;
  • Forehead wrinkled;
  • Tail raised;
  • Hackles raised;
  • Mouth open, teeth are visible.

The dog is very dominant and angry.

9. Scared and submissive

  • Body lowered;
  • Tail down, might be slightly waving;
  • Ears back;
  • Brief eye contact;
  • Paw might be raised.

The dog is scared but trying to avoid any conflict and accepting the higher rank of the threatening individual — it might be a human, another dog, or any other animal.

10. Scared and aggressive

cute dog on grass
  • Body lowered;
  • Corners of the lips pulled back;
  • Ears back;
  • Hackles raised.

The dog is very stressed and scared but not submissive and may attack at any moment.

11. Playful

  • Tail up and might wave;
  • Ears up;
  • Mouth open, tongue might be exposed;
  • Front legs bent.

This is the most common invitation to play. The dogs often stay in this position for just a moment before breaking into jumping or running.


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