12 Amazing Tricks That People Accidentally Taught Their Pets

12 Amazing Tricks That People Accidentally Taught Their Pets –



Pavlov’s Dog wasn’t all that. Animals can learn all sorts of weird behaviors and you don’t even need to teach them! The good people at AskReddit had people tell them the stupid pet tricks their furry friends taught themselves. The stories are enjoyable. Please enjoy:


SusieQ314 – I do the same thing:

When my childhood cat would bite us or my parents, my mum would put her outside as punishment.

When she felt like going outside, she’d come and bite us.


tacticalstraw – Sounds like a helpful young pup:

When I put my dog’s harness on him, he jumps up with his front feet. He started this because I lift his front two feet up to make him “step in” to it. He only does it for me, not for my girlfriend.


Back2Bach – Cats being dogs:

After watching me retrieve the incoming mail from the letter slot over time, our cat – a big, male Maine Coon – delivers it to me.

As I noted some time ago, he grabs each letter in his teeth and brings it to where I’m sitting. Bigger pieces get batted with his strong paws.

(If there’s a piece too heavy, he sits at my feet, looking back to the letter slot, and “MROW’s” loudly till I go fetch.)


my_future_wife – Layla sounds good as hell:

I get really excited when my boxer, Layla, bends herself like a kidney bean when I get home.

She’s really excited, I’m really excited, so when I squeal, “do your bean, Layla!” it just perpetuates itself.

I love Layla.

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The_Superfist – Does he brush is teeth too?:

My wife and I lived in a condo and whenever one of us went upstairs we announced it. Like “I’m going upstairs.” Then go.

So one day my wife is trying to snack on something and our dog was bothering her and she got fed up and scoldingly said “Go upstairs!”

Up the stairs he went! Where he sat and stared at her as if nobody ever feeds him and one little bite would mean the world.


BonkeyKongCountry – That’s one way to do it:

My dog farts when he wants attention.

Every time he would fart, my gf and I would laugh and tell him he’s a good boy. Now he’ll come up to me, sit, wag his tail, and let a few toots out.

Not sure if it’s his short fur or just his anatomy, but they’re almost always audible.


Kilen13 – Sensible doggy:

There’s a lot of crosswalks around my neighborhood and I always stop at them and look both ways (some reckless ass drivers in my neighborhood too). My dog has adopted this technique too, she’ll sit and either look down the street or at me at every cross walk until I go to walk.


HiraethAtRockBottom – Perhaps he’s just a fashionista:

A little bit of preface….I hate pants, I’m more of a skirt or dress type of person. My energetic Sheepherder Husky mix knows if I have pants on it means I’m taking her for a hike. Now whenever I’m seen in pants she freaks out, jumping up and down and running to the front door.

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dj_narwhal – The cat equivalent of taking a human shield:

When my old cat was a kitten he would get in your face when you were eating and try to steal stuff off your plate/fork/mouth. Squirt bottle came into play and after a few days he realized if he stood by the xbox we would not squirt him and he could plan an attack.


TheLastSpoonBender – Doggo to the rescue:

I accidentally trained my dog to eat spiders. I have a deathly fear of spiders and any time I see one I usually scream and yell “spider!”, the scream would always get my dogs attention and she’d come running, then she’d see the spider and eat it. Now any time you just say the word “spider” she starts looking around for one and will eat it if she finds it


blazingraven016 – Doggo to the rescue Part II:

2 of my cats like to hiss and spit and battle each other a lot. It’s annoying, and we feel bad for the older one, so whenever we hear them yowling we look to the dog and say, “Go check it out!” and she runs to break up the cat fight.


RoseScentedGlasses – Sounds like a time saver:

When i put on lipstick the dog goes in his crate. I can do all sorts of things in the bathroom, but that last step of lipstick and he knows its time to get going.


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