12 Amazingly Stupid Pet Products You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

12 Amazingly Stupid Pet Products You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


Puppy Tweets

Have you ever thought to yourself “boy, people tweets aren’t inane enough; I wonder what my dog would say in 140 characters?” This is a device which purports to tweet what your pet is thinking.

Poop Freeze Aerosol Freeze Spray

We know this freezes your dog’s poop before you pick it up. What we don’t know is why you would want frozen poop in your life.

Cat Exercise Wheel

Oh good, someone made a hamster wheel for cats.

Dog-O-Matic Dog Washing Machine

For when it’s too much effort to just wash your dog in the bathtub, here’s an actual full-sized washing machine you can put them in.

Pet peek fence window

“See that, boy? That’s freedom, and exploration, and adventure. Things you will never experience.”

Goldfish walker

OK, so you can’t actually buy this one online — this, instead, was a device a British man made so he could walk his pet goldfish.

Dog Treadmill

Someone thought a dog treadmill was a great idea. Why? We don’t know. Neither do you. No one does.

Purr Detector

This is a collar that lights up when your cat is purring. But if you can’t tell when your cat is purring, how are you even able to put on pants in the morning, let alone care for another living creature?

Poop Tent

This seems to run counter to the fact that every dog we’ve ever met has gleefully pooped wherever they felt like it, and didn’t need to do their business in a giant phantom canine’s mouth to feel comfortable.

Perfume for dogs

If you can’t be bothered to wash your dog, at least have the decency to admit you’re a lazy slob. Don’t try to hide your shame with dog perfume.

Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System

Look, we’re sorry, but if you’re too lazy even to scoop your cat’s litterbox, you really shouldn’t own a cat.

Pet Spa For Dogs

Considering how gleefully our dogs always celebrated getting sprayed with a basic garden hose, we’re not sure this is the best use of your money.

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