12 Derpy Animals Who Found Their Calling To Lick Windows

12 Derpy Animals Who Found Their Calling To Lick Windows – 

One of my parents’ dogs is a real weirdo. He likes to sit at the back door and look out the window and sigh. When we let him out, he does the same thing, just on the other side of the window. It got me to thinking that maybe it isn’t an issue of him wanting to be inside or outside, but rather, him just really loving the back door window.This suspicion was confirmed to me when I walked into the kitchen one afternoon and he had his nose pressed against it with his lips suctioned to the glass.

Here are some other animals who just really love their window.


1. He looks like he is very serious about licking this window.

2. He looks like he is enjoying himself!

3. Okay, this squirrel is probably after someone’s breakfast.

viareddit / Obeeeee

4. What a majestic animal.

5. I have to admit, my cat likes to lick the bathtub, too.

6. Have you ever seen a little hamster tongue? So cute!

7. That is some very direct eye contact.

viareddit / Misfortun3

8. Have you ever seen anything happier?

9. Another squirrel hunting for coffee.

viaFlickr / David Grant

10. Look at this little guy making a scene.

viareddit / [deleted]

11. Okay, that is a pretty delicious looking cake.

viareddit / [deleted]

12. This is one sassy looking giraffe.

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