12 Weird Japanese Candies

12 Weird Japanese Candies – 



Some stuff — like bread, seafood, candy, and seafood candy — is better in Japan. But man, that candy? Even if it’s not seafood, it’s great. Get your passport renewed if it’s expired, because these weird Japanese candies are worth a trip overseas just to find out what the f*ck they taste like.


Toilet Candy


Now you can drink out of the crapper, just like you’ve always wanted! Toilet candy is a frothy candy that you sip through a straw out of a plastic toilet bowl. Urinal cakes, however, are still not actual cakes.


Chocolate-Covered Squid


Chocolate-covered squid is pretty much what it sounds like — squid covered in chocolate. If you bite into one, you can’t be disappointed because you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.


Gokujyo Brown Sugar Karinto


This delicious deep-fried treat is made from flour and brown sugar. It also looks like poop. Too much like poop.


Every Burger


Every Burger is chocolate sandwiched in between two biscuits and will make you feel like you’ve been exposed to radiation and as a result have become a colossal-sized human and have stolen food from the regular-sized humans who cower before you. That’s pretty much what you want to get from a candy!


Coffee Gum


This coffee-flavored gum proves that gum-chewing isn’t always about making your mouth feel fresh, since we usually chew gum to get rid of coffee breath.


Tomato Chocolate


How do you make candy healthy? By adding vegetables, of course! This combination of tomato and chocolate is good for you! I mean, it has to be. Otherwise, why does it exist?


Grilled Lamb Caramels


There are a lot of flavors going on in this candy — hints of curry, a bit of caramel sweetness, and of course, meat. It’s like a party in your mouth, and everyone brought something different because nobody coordinated on who was bringing what.


Scallop Candy


Scallop candies are not actually candy. They are individually packages grilled scallops that are sold in candy shops. Or maybe they are candy? To each his own!


Gummy Collagen Candy


Sugar is bad for your skin, but these collagen-infused gummy candies are an entirely different story. You can reduce the appearance of wrinkles while still having fun!


Bourbon Pickle Ex Lemon Milk


Bourbon Pickle Ex Lemon Milk is a bunch of random words that don’t really go together, a bunch of flavors that don’t really go together, and also somehow a candy?


Candied Squid


When you think of squid, you naturally think of candy. It’s a combination as classic as chocolate and peanut butter! These candies come in fun flavors like “kimchi” and “cod roe” and aren’t actually sweet. Yum!


Men’s Pocky


This version of chocolate covered biscuit-like sticks known as “Pocky” isn’t as sweet as the OG Pocky, which gives it a taste that only real men can handle. No girls allowed!

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