13 Awesome Homemade Halloween Pet Costumes

13 Awesome Homemade Halloween Pet Costumes –

Frida Kahlo

A flowery dress, a floral headpiece and a unibrow are the key factors in putting together any Frida costume—even for little pups like this chihuahua/pug mix.

A Cheeseburger

You certainly don’t see many tortoises in costumes, but if they all looked this great, I think we’d start seeing more. Coolest Homemade Costumes user Hannah created this fun costume for her ten-year-old tortoise, Toa, using foam for the burger and toppings and felt and batting for the top bun.

The House From Up!

This pup looks ready to fly away in this adorable getup that won Brit Co’s 2013 pet costume contest. You can steal this idea for yourself with nothing but cardboard, markers, glue, ribbons, helium balloons and a little creativity.

A Pretty Peacock

This could also work for a smaller dog, but it looks purrrfect on a fluffy kitty—of course, most cats will probably try to attack this outfit or run away from it, so feline temperaments should be taken into account before they are put into a costume, especially one this outrageous.

Coolest Homemade Costumes user Christiana V. made it for her chill cat Sophia, who was even willing to wear a harness over the costume so it could be shown off on a walk around the neighborhood.

A Beanie Baby

Is your dog a little teddy bear? Then all it needs is a tag to make it official, and perhaps no plush toy is so immediately recognizable (or cute) as a TY Beanie Baby. As Koda the Samoyed demonstrates, you just need to make a big heart tag, color in the front logos, add some biographical details for fun and tie the whole thing to your pet’s collar with some ribbon.

Super Parrot and Wonder Bird

These precious little birdies are heroes to all the other animals who wish they could get in on the Halloween fun. Coolest Handmade Costumes reader Melissa B. made these cute caped costumes for her birds without a pattern, and each is held on with a simple button closure.

 7 A Cheetah

A tan greyhound is a perfect canvas for creating a spot-on cheetah costume. Penny B. of Coolest Handmade Costumes just used a little dog-safe paint to make her pooch, Bam, into an adorable apex predator.

A tan greyhound is a perfect canvas for creating a spot-on cheetah costume. Penny B. of Coolest Handmade Costumes just used a little dog-safe paint to make her pooch, Bam, into an adorable apex predator.


Tacocat isn’t just a palindrome; it’s also a great pet costume—Etsy seller Pawsome Crochet can even sell you a pattern to make one for your own cat (or a small dog). If you’re not so great at crocheting, they offer lots of costumes that they have created themselves, so you don’t give up on the idea!

Chia Dog

Another winner from Brit Co’s pet costume contest, this look can be easily replicated by gluing plastic plant leaves to a dog tee and then painting your pup’s legs orange.

10 Paper Boys

Extra! Extra! See all the cuteness! These little paperboy hats are all you need to make your guinea pig, hedgehog, bunny, chinchilla or other small pet into a picture-perfect newsie. The patterns are available on Etsy, so if you have the technical know-how, all you’ll need to add to complete the costume are a few tiny prop papers.

11 A Hershey’s Kiss

This costume modeled by the always adorable Koda the Samoyed isn’t for every dog as it requires a lot of patience and bravery for a pup to be wrapped in tin foil. If your pooch is up to the challenge though, it’s a pretty simple costume that looks wonderful.

12 Bo Peep’s Sheep

Does this pony look a little sheepish to you? Well, it should—thanks to Coolest Handmade Costumes reader Heather B. The basics to making this costume are pretty simple, but also time-consuming as they involve buying a horse blanket and mask then taking polyfill, rolling it into large ball shapes and gluing them all along the blanket and mask. It may take time to complete, but I’d say the result was well worth the effort.

13 Dobby

Have a beige dog with big ears? He could make the perfect Dobby. As this picture submitted to Buzzfeed by reader catlippincott5 demonstrates, all you need is a tan cloth tied into a tunic at his shoulders.

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