Incredible Micro-Sculptures Made Out Of Pencil Lead By Artist Salavat Fidai

Incredible Micro-Sculptures Made Out Of Pencil Lead By Artist Salavat Fidai –



Check out these insane micro-sculptures all created on the pencils lead tip! You can see more from this incredible artist on his instagram.


Salavat fidai is one of the artists who share works of art on Instagram and Youtube and have quite different and experimental works especially in the field of microsculptures. The reason why the artist is considered as an experimental adjective is that the artist is trying quite different and new things. The fact that the artist uses objects which are not used as objects in order to obtain a work of art under normal circumstances has caused the artist to be highly interested. Recently, artworks developed with different ideas and objects are considered as creative art.

It is possible to evaluate the work of Salavat Fidai in the context of creative art.The artist generally uses pencils in his works and he sculpts the product in the item to give his works different shapes.The artist, who uses pencil structures to produce new objects or micro-patterns, has extremely creative work. His work is also used by many people as decorative objects. You can follow the artist’s work on the artist’s official Instagram and Youtube profiles. You can also visit the personal website to review or purchase the different miniature works that the artist produces.Salavat Fidai uses the works of different painters in her miniature works. For example, Van Gogh’s Starry Night is one of his favorite works. Salavat Fidai used many of Van Gogh’s works by reinterpreting. The artist actively organizes Pencil Micro Sculpture Exhibition regularly.





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