13 Precious Moments Between Therapy Dogs And The People They Comfort

13 Precious Moments Between Therapy Dogs And The People They Comfort


Therapy dogs welcomed Parkland students

After a couple stressful weeks at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the principal surprised students with an adorable line-up of golden retriever therapy dogs. The dogs from the Humane Society of Broward County spent time cuddling the teens and providing unconditional love and comfort.


There’s nothing stronger than the bond between two best friends

Research has shown that dogs improve independence and emotional well being, especially among children with special needs.


Mobility Dogs

People with mobility issues who can’t reach items such as a light switch, a door knob or can’t quite clear the doorway rely on dogs trained to perform everyday tasks for their handlers.


PTSD Therapy Dogs

Some people suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) have difficulty adjusting to a daily routine after what they had been through. Dogs are trained to assist people suffering from PTSD and may be cued to search certain dwellings before their handler can enter, lead emergency respondents to their handler, or pull their handler to safety during a flashback.


Helping the victims of the Boston Matathon

Participating in the Boston Marathon is not an easy feat, and when times got tough in 2013, there was a group of loving therapy dogs ready to bring comfort and lift the spirits of those who needed it the most.


Therapy dogs help students who struggle with reading

It’s not easy to read in front of a group of people, even when you already have that skill. Therapy dogs are great listeners, and love to encourage their best friends to read aloud and improve their skills.


Seizure Detection Dogs

This new type of service dog has only been on the scene for about ten years or so, but have made quite an impact on those suffering from certain seizure disorders. These highly skilled dogs sense before their handler has a seizure and alerts them so that precautions may be taken.


Some heroes do wear capes

This “Super Mutt,” Joca travels all the way to Brazil to help children in need


Mental Health Dogs

These highly intelligent dogs go through a rigorous training period where they may be taught to bring medication to their handler, backtrack if the handler becomes disoriented and lost, or identify hallucinations.  Mental illness comes in varying degrees, each with its own idiosyncrasies. Dogs can be trained to handle most situations.


He even knows how to give a proper hello

If you’ve ever been in a nursing or retirement home, you know these residents need a good laugh to lift their spirits. And who is better than this little guy?


Saying hello at a memorial for Pulse nightclub victims

During tough times, you can’t even imagine mustering up a smile. But for a few minutes, the loving nature of a therapy dog can change your emotions.


“Don’t be scared, I’m right here.”

Who loves going to the dentist? Nobody. Therapy dogs provide comfort during all times of stress. The child in the picture above has autism, and needs his furry friend to keep him calm.

Cuddling with sick patients at this rehabilitation center

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