13 Snapchat Filters That Look Better On Dogs Than You

13 Snapchat Filters That Look Better On Dogs Than You –

Look at you, thinking you’re all “cute” taking selfies to look like more adorable things that vomit rainbows and have bigger eyes. Hooey I say! I don’t care what filter you use. You’ll never be as cute as the real thing! Here’s a list of 13 dogs that look better on Snapchat than you!

The Classic Dog filter


I don’t care how many cute girls use this. You can’t beat a dog at its own game!

The UP Dog


This is like the UP Dog. You may ask, “What’s UP Dog?” I’ll reply, “not much, what’s up with you?” Haha… I’ll see myself out.

Dog Tired


This dog got into some weird sh*t last night (literally AND figuratively). You can’t say that.

My Deer Boxer


This dog was already cute but now it’s cute in two species. Inter-species cuteness is something we cannot achieve.

The Flower Shiba


I can’t… it’s too cute. I just can’t!

The Hipster Pup


Not only does this dog look better than you, but they’re also smarter than you, listen to cooler bands than you, and has much cooler glasses than you will ever have.

Harry Pup-er


We can all agree that Harry Potter with dogs would be better. Who’s a good boy, Harry? You are. Yes, you are.

When Pups Fly


This dog has a job and is incredibly cute. What do you do? Nothing. Get a job, hippy, and then try to look cute.

Fit Pit


This dog works out?! I don’t even work out…

Piggy Doggy


Does this dog oink or bark? I don’t know, but you probably look like an idiot with a pig nose and ears.

The Study puppy


This is the pup you try to cheat off in math class because you aren’t as smart, cute, or as great.

Trucker dog


This is just a blue collar pup who lives his life one quarter mile at a time. His humble nature makes you look like a braggadocios jerk!

Nightmare Dog


Okay, this one is just terrifying. But it’s more terrifying because of the dog. Which means the dog wins. Be more terrifying next time.


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