14 Cats Being The Best Cat They Can Be


My husband brought home a model tent from work a couple months ago. from r/cats

Hi, my name is Blitz and i’m a Norwegian Forest Cat. (12 w/o, M) from r/cats

My husband set up a tunnel that leads from our window into a tent in the front yard, and it’s been a massive hit with both our cats and the entire neighborhood! People are constantly stopping to take pictures and wave at them from r/cats

Best picture I could ever hope to get of these two…. from r/aww


My good sis Felecia had to show y’all how it’s done😌🤚🏾 ##foryou ##fyp

♬ Hot Girl – Megan Thee Stallion


##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – dailyspongebobclips

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