14 Ridiculously Cute Ideas For Crocheting

14 Ridiculously Cute Ideas For Crocheting – 

Now, I know that crochet is kind of cute by nature, but everything can be cuter. I mean, every time I decide that my dog has reached the stage known as Optimal Cute, he busts out a whole new level of adorableness. It’s his superpower, alongside always knowing the exact moment I’ve finally fallen asleep and deciding that is when the shadow across the room is an intruder. It’s the bathrobe, dog, same as it was last night and the night before it.Moral of the story: everything can get cuter. Even crochet. Just not when it’s barking at your bathrobe at four in the morning.

1. Next Easter, hatch some tiny dinos!

What? You thought it would be bunnies or chicks? I thought you knew me better than that!

2. Kitties shaped like dumplings.

Because, duh! 

3. Cover your tissue box with a whale cozy!

Look! The tissues become its water spout!

4. Cheerful rainbow raindrops.

This would be so cute in a nursery.

5. An itty bitty kitty cocoon.

They’re both adorable!

6. A whole book of adorable foods!

I need that giant donut pouf in my life right now. I’m terrible at crochet, though, so if I gift the book to my sister, do you think she’ll make one for me? 😉

7. Baby socks that look like roller skates!

Retro and cute!

8. Shark feet!

I know we like to say our baby’s toes are so cute we could just gobble them right up, but this may be taking things too far. 

9. Be jealous of the jellyfish.

The little faces are so cute!

10. The tiniest dachshund.

Holy cow, that’s a tiny crochet doggie!

11. Owl ornaments.

Cute on a Christmas tree, or as decor all year round!

12. Make a giant, squishy octopus.

Squishy octopuses look cuddly and comfy. 

13. A tiny teddy for your bag.

This would be an adorable way to know which bag is yours when traveling!

14. A cozy flower blanket.

Stitch as many of these cute crochet flowers together as you can to make a blanket of any size!

So am I right?

Are these the cutest crochet projects ever?


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