14 Very Good Dogs Posing In Masks

4. Two dogs prepared and ready :

5. This big guy, who is using an old dust mask:

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This boy ain’t taking no chances.

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9. This Frenchie, who is helpfully modeling a common mask-wearing mistake…you gotta be sure to cover your nose as well!

10. This good boy, who is reminding you that even a bandana is better than no protection at all:

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I know a lot of the hoomans are starting to feel like everything is 👌🏻 & we can start going back to “normal” … but pawlease 🛑 & think. We just need to stick with it a little bit longer. Even us 🐶 can tell this #coronavirus thing is still supaw dangerous — lots of hoomans are crossing the 🌈 bridge every day 😞 & there’s still lots of things the hoomans don’t really know (or don’t understand) about it yet. Why take a chance? After all, #itsnotjustaboutyou … of course, it never was, right? It’s about us 🐶. 😆 ⠀ In all pawhonesty, I really really hope that everything going on right now reminds our hoomans that what THEY do can & does impact OTHER hoomans. So it may feel a little icky to wear a 😷 when you’re outside (try doing it with a snout!), but it CAN help pawtect you & other hoomans. It’s just a little thing to ask … so pawlease stick with it a little longer! 🐾 ⠀ As #BobbyBandito says so well, “we’ve got more livin’ to do.” (🙏🏻 for that @officiallymcconaughey!) We don’t want to do this all over again when the 🍁 start to fall off the 🌲 & the weather gets 🥶, do we? ⠀ Be safe, stay healthy frens! ⠀ ⠀ #dogsinbandanas #wearamask #maskup #dogsinmasks #pittiePSA #quarantinelife #covid19 #stayhome #stopthespread #savelives #stayhomestopthespreadsavelives #pittiesofinstagram #pibblesofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #charmcitypitties #bmorepitties #pittie #pitbull #dogsofinstagram #charmcitydogs #bmoredogs #dogsofcharmcity #ottorollins #sir_ottsalot #socialdistancing #physicaldistancing

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