13 Wholesome Companies That Will Make You Rethink Capitalism

13 Wholesome Companies That Will Make You Rethink Capitalism –

It’s no secret that about 90% of all corporations are evil entities who want nothing more than to take your money and laugh maniacally sitting atop a pile of gold in a tall, ominous tower. But the remaining 10% is actually surprisingly a force of good in a world where consumerism is the name of the game and greed is the Big Player. If you wanna feel less bad about the things you buy, then start going for these products, or I don’t know, go off the grid and live off of tree bark and frogs.



The food company founded by actor Paul Newman. 100% of the profits go to charity.”


“Lego is pretty not-evil despite being the world’s largest toy company. They’re investing a lot of resources into developing renewable plastics, even if it is for an arguably self-serving purpose.”

“Chewy.com, I’ll never forget one day I contacted them asking if I could return a box of unopened cat food since my cat recently died from Kidney failure, they not only returned my money but asked if I could donate my old box, a week later they sent me a beautiful handwritten card saying how they’re sorry my cat died but hope you’ll always cherish the memories. I started to cry because I couldn’t believe companies can care this much. I put the card in my cat’s memory scrapbook. :)”




“Costco and the Kirkland brand. They pay their employees 12+/hr with benefits, stock options and quarterly wages. They make sure any company they hire pays THEIR employees well and fair (shipping truck fiasco), and they never try and cheat you on prices. Look up the price comparison of Costco vs any other retailer. The TL;DR is Costco charges a 10% markup while target/Walmart/etc charge around 30-40%.
I will drive an hour to my nearest Costco just to shop there because I believe their business model is fair and many other companies should follow it.”




“Trader Joe’s has a longtime reputation as a great employer. Good pay and benefits for employees, plus a pretty chill work environment without all that corporate bullshit.”

“Worked for them about 5 years, all the way through nursing school. Can confirm, got better benefits from TJ’s than I do from the hospital I work for now. :(“




Hungry Harvest delivers fresh produce that would go to waste because either too much was produced, or the fruits and vegetables don’t meet the cosmetic standards for grocery stores (sometimes it just means the fruit/veggie is too small or too large). They also donate fresh produce to hunger-solving charities. I get a delivery box from them every week and I have been pretty impressed so far!”





They would make Billions with ads”




“Arizona Iced Tea – They print the price right on the side of the can. They’ve been holding at 99¢ a can since they started making iced tea, and they refuse to raise it until it starts costing them. Fun fact: they weren’t always so good to their customers. They switched to iced tea after their first two malt liquor products were considered offensive enough for Congress to get involved.”




“Also, Huy Phong Foods. They make the real Sriracha sauce (with the rooster on the bottle), but the founder never copyrighted the name Sriracha, so anybody can call their sauce Sriracha. Also, he refuses to use dried chilis, opting instead for fresh peppers from local farms so his community gets the money, and he has refused to raise the price since the eighties. He’s quoted as saying something to the effect of, “I don’t want to get rich, I just want to make sure that people who want hot sauce can get hot sauce.” He’s been offered partnerships by investors, but has refused every time because nobody has the same goal as him. Dude just wants to spread a love of hot sauce, and really doesn’t care if it makes him a billionaire.”




“My friend won a full ride scholarship for women in STEM that was funded by Cards Against Humanity.
By the way, anyone interested can go for the scholarship when applications open later this year https://www.scienceambassadorscholarship.org/#intro




“Nintendo, when the Wii u failed, the CEO of Nintendo at the time docked more than half of his own pay so other employees wouldn’t have to have pay cuts, as well as how the cancelled a Nintendo direct to pay respects to those who died in the earthquake Edit: I (now) know that this is common business practice in Japan, but then my point stands as that being a good thing that all companies should adopt Edit#2: Taking down fan games isn’t unethical, it may be something you disagree with, and I do too, but there is technically nothing wrong with utilising copyright laws”




“Dr. Bronners. Not only do they make amazing soap (and the only soap I’ll buy anymore) they are very progressive in terms of employee benefits, profit sharing, capping executive salaries to a set ratio of employee salaries, and they donate quite a bit to charity.
They’re also environmentally conscious and support the end of marijuana prohibition.”




“i try and support Vosges chocolates whenever possible. They come in awesome flavor combinations (the Black Pearl is my favorite) and are slavery free as well as being owned by a cool lady who met with a lot of the stores that sold her stuff personally. I miss working in the chocolate industry because of awesome companies like this who really work to make a cruelty free product that tastes good. Also shoutout to Guittard chocolates for being the slavery free base chocolate to a lot of your favorite treats.”


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