15 Cats That Are Addicted To Watching TV

15 Cats That Are Addicted To Watching TV –

We love TV. We really do. Laying back and just watching a favorite show or new movie. Hey, it’s relaxing! So it’s actually not such a big surprise that cats might also be a fan… even more than us? Just take a look!

“Oh, what is this?”

“Shh, mom. It’s the best part!”

“The real housewives of the bird cage”

“No, you can’t change the channel! It’s the best part”

“Christmas is near!”

“What’s happening!?”

“There are so many! how will she find true love?!”

“Best Show EVA!”

“This is so intense!”

“Best spot in the house”

A cat, watching a show, about cats

“Hmm looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day… better stay inside”

“Bro, watcha watching?

“Sleepover madness!”

Can we please just watch a little tv?

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