15 Miniature Landscapes Painted Inside Mint Tins

15 Miniature Landscapes Painted Inside Mint Tins –



Colorado-based artist Heidi Annalise has found a novel use for old mint tins, transforming them into tiny, pocket art studios that she can easily carry with her on her hikes exploring the great outdoors.

In an ongoing series of miniature oil paintings, Annalise affixes small pieces of palette paper to the inside, using the bottom for her palette of colours and the top as her canvas. She then takes a photo of her finished works with the actual landscape in the background. On Instagram, where she has shared hundreds of her mini paintings, she has amassed nearly 100,000 followers.

The self-taught artist quit her day job on the east coast in 2015 and moved back to her home state of Colorado to become an artist full-time. In an interview with The Guardian she adds:

“Painting helps me soak up vivid memories by studying details that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Sitting on a hillside and studying the colour of a mountain shadow has become a form of meditation for me. Attaining this much detail can be tedious when the mosquitoes are biting or the wind kicks up, but there is something intoxicating about getting lost in this tiny world.”


You can find Heidi’s works for sale on Etsy and see much more from her at the links below.


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