15 Times The Camera Was Not Kind To Our Furry Friends

15 Times The Camera Was Not Kind To Our Furry Friends –

Recently, Twitter user @baby_b0nes asked people to share the “least flattering” pictures of their pets in what became a beautifully hilarious thread:

Here are some of the *best* pics, IMHO:
1. Bread Cat™:

2. This chonker who was NOT so pleased with this angle:


3. This majestic ocean pic that never seems to work out for anyone:


4. This pupperina who looks like me after a rough night out:

5. This doggo whose person just wanted ONE nice picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. This kitters who doesn’t appreciate that his hooman posted these incriminating photos online:

7. This goof who’s closer than he appears:

8. This husker complete with the teefers:

9. This plumbus who’s angery you got his bad 90 degree angle:


10. This dingus who has never once appreciated the paps:


11. This cat whose position doesn’t translate that great on camera, no offense:

12. This smiley boye who I think is oh-so-very handsome:

13. T E E F I E S ! ! !

14. This luv who was caught mid-slurp:


15. And lastly, Stanley here proved that he has no such thing as a bad angle:

What’s the “least flattering” pic you have of your pet?! Share it

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