16 Adorable Animal-Shaped Bread Recipes For Kids

16 Adorable Animal-Shaped Bread Recipes For Kids – 

1. Hungry Hippo Rolls

Sandra Denneler / Handmade Charlotte / Viahandmadecharlotte.com

OMG, it’s my spirit roll. Recipe here.

2. Pig-Shaped Mini-Burger Buns

Pig-Shaped Mini-Burger Buns

Belinda Lo / The Moonblush Baker / Via themoonblushbaker.com

The only pig face I would eat, tbh. Recipe here.

3. Octopus Bread Bowl

Octopus Bread Bowl

Sandra Denneler / SheKnows / Via sheknows.com

Pro tip: Break off the legs to dip in your soup! Recipe here.

4. Doggy Sausage Bread Bun

Doggy Sausage Bread Bun

Ming / Bento Monsters / Via bentomonsters.com

Who knew a sausage tongue and raisin eyes could be so freakin’ cute? Recipe here.

5. Birdie Bread

Birdie Bread

Donna Curie / Cookistry / Via cookistry.com

Almost too cute to eat. Recipe here.

6. Tear-Away Teddy Bear Rolls

Tear-Away Teddy Bear Rolls

Mai / Mai’s Land / Via ameblo.jp

The most adorable bread ring you ever did see. Recipe here.

7. Cat and Kitty Loaves

Cat and Kitty Loaves

Lou Lou P. / Good Morning America / Via gma.yahoo.com

These edible cuties actually turned me into a cat person. Recipe here.

8. Sweet Milk Turtle Bread

Sweet Milk Turtle Bread

Belinda Lo / The Moonblush Baker / Via themoonblushbaker.com

No hard shell, all buttery goodness. Recipe here.

9. Penguin Bread Bowl

Penguin Bread Bowl

Sarah Denneler / SheKnows / Via sheknows.com

Clam chowder makes the perfect tummy. Recipe here.

10. Christmas Reindeer Bread Rolls

Christmas Reindeer Bread Rolls

pitachan1 / Washoku / Via washoku.guide

Would Santa like these, or would they freak him out? Recipe here.

11. Lemony Lamb Pull-Apart Bread

Lemony Lamb Pull-Apart Bread

Rhodes Bread / Via rhodesbread.com

Complete with delicious, citrusy streusel. Recipe here.

12. Hedgehog Rolls

Hedgehog Rolls

Ruth Cartwright / Craft with Cartwright / Via craftwithcartwright.blogspot.com

I named them all “Bruce Quillis.” Recipe here.

13. Betty Butterfly Sandwich Rolls

Betty Butterfly Sandwich Rolls

Rhodes Bread / Via rhodesbread.com

Better nom before it flies away! Recipe here.

14. Buttery Vegan “Fish” Bun

Belinda Lo / The Moonblush Baker / Via themoonblushbaker.com

They only look like sea dwellers, no actual involved. Recipe here.

15. Bunny Bread

Bunny Bread

Donna Curie / Serious Eats / Via seriouseats.com

So dang precious. Recipe here.

16. Thanksgiving Turkey Pumpkin Bread

Thanksgiving Turkey Pumpkin Bread

Dolf S. / The Fresh Loaf / Via thefreshloaf.com

Serve at your next dinner party and save the real turkey for yourself. Recipe here.

16 Adorable Animal-Shaped Bread Recipes For Kids


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