16 Black and White Animals That Look Stunning

1. Black and white ribbon seals are quite rare compared to common seals.

2. An Appaloosa horse

3. Giant leopard moth

4. A white tiger

5. A bandy-bandy snake

6. An osprey preparing to dive

7. A black and white weevil

8. A black morph of the eastern quoll

9. A common eider

10. A black and white owl

11. A gorgeous black and white butterfly

12. This Valais Blackneck goat is divided into 2 parts: black and white.

13. A panther grouper

14. The silver-laced Wyandotte chicken

15. A downy woodpecker

16. Black and white cows are not out of the ordinary, but this one looks like it’s wearing an entire galaxy on its body.

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