16 Derpy Dogs Letting Their Weird Flag Fly

1. “Do you like my smile?”

2. “Can’t fit my tongue in my mouth.”

3. “I’m a contortionist!”

4. “Please don’t take photos of me mid-yawn/bark.”

5. “Ohmigosh, a treat? For me?”

6. “The look I give when my human says she’s out of treats.”

7. “You said to make a funny face, so I made a funny face.”

8. “I told you not to post the pic of me with my eyes closed, Karen!”

9. “Oh, hey, just doing some, um, yoga. What’s up?”

10. “Not sure how I’m holding this position either.”

credit: mhilliard62 via Instagram

11. “Woke up like this.”

12. “Feeling busted, but I didn’t do anything wrong. I swear!”

13. “I’m comfy squeezed under your leg. I promise.”

14. “Hey…have you seen my tongue?”

15. “You said there would be treats and toys, but I’m the only thing in here.”

16. “They say mirroring is a sign of attraction, FYI. That means I love ducky here.”

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