16 Dogs Who Don’t Care About Your Rules

16 Dogs Who Don’t Care About Your Rules




1. These dogs decided that their dog bed actually wasn’t meant for sleeping.

u/motomermaid / Via reddit.com


2. While this dog decided that sanitary pads are chew toys.

u/stufoonoob / Via reddit.com


3. This dog said, “Screw it! This blanket needs a hole!” and started chewin’.

u/lemonsmakelemonadea / Via reddit.com


4. While this dog tried being a Peeping Tom.

5. This dog chose to make their entrance from the ceiling instead of the door.

u/rcarney12345 / Via reddit.com


6. And this dog communicated in screams rather than barks.

7. This dog challenged a porcupine and lived to regret it.

u/Billisits / Via reddit.com


8. This dog proved that dogs can be sk8ers too.

9. This innovative dog used their other bed as a cover.

u/meag20ky / Via reddit.com


10. This dog said, “Nah, I don’t need to use my back legs.”

11. This dog wanted to play fetch with toys they found in the kitchen.

12. And this dog changed the saying to, “A dog is a brick’s best friend.”

13. While this dog suddenly became a thief.


14. This dog basically used another dog as a stool.

15. And this dog pretended not to hear when their owner said, “Don’t go in the closet!”

u/dirtyfacedkid / Via reddit.com


16. And finally, this dog decided that they were gonna crack open a cold one with the boys.

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