15 Hilarious Animal Jump Fail GIFs

15 Hilarious Animal Jump Fail GIFs – 

Sometimes it’s hard to gauge the distance between two objects. Then again, most humans don’t spend the majority of their time leaping from surface to surface. But it’s also frowned upon for grown men and women to walk on countertops, tables, and furniture, so we suppose all the jumping simply comes with the territory in regard to pets. While the following roundup of hilarious GIFs of animals failing to stick the landing consists mostly of cats, you might be surprised how many other household pets (and the occasional wild animal) such poor depth perception afflicts.

Come on, kitty. The clock’s ticking.

That bed is a lot higher off the ground than it looks.

The buildup was so worth the dramatic exit.
Did he fall or get sucked into a black hole?

See? Cats don’t always land on their feet.

Someone’s been eating a few too many garbage Twinkies.

You can’t shimmy your way out of this one.

Why jump over something when you can roll over it like a fat pig?

Do a pull-up? I’d rather die.
This is why not all puppies make it to adulthood.

The same could be said for kittens.

The nuts on this squirrel.
fail fall jumping ferret
Most ferrets live 6 to 10 years. This one’s lifespan is expected to be much shorter.
Never choose a surface that you’ll bounce right off of.

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or can sink into to!


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