16 Instagram Animals Guaranteed To Give You Your Daily Dose Of Cute

16 Instagram Animals Guaranteed To Give You Your Daily Dose Of Cute –

1. The green-eyed and adorable @hosico_cat:

Remember Puss in Boots from Shrek? This lil buddy is about the closest real life version, AND his owners carry him around in this cute spacepack backpack thing.

2. This floofy lil hamster, @nococo.k:

We can’t decide if this ball of fur is cuter awake or asleep!

3. The extremely peppy @burrito_the_corgi:

Follow for shots of his adventuring around Austin, Texas, and heartmeltingly cute throwbacks to his puppy days.

4. The tongue-tied star herself, @marniethedog :

Chances are that you’ve seen her around the internet; now you can get a direct pipeline of that cockeyed goodness.

5. The new inspiration behind your #MondayMood, @macgyverlizard:

A huge-ass lizard who just loves to eat, lay around, and be dressed up in cute outfits. AKA, literally us.

6. For a dose of darling from across the pond, there’s @cody_raccoon:

His lil hands!!!!

7. The extremely gorgeous @sis.twins, Iriss and Abyss:

Those eyes alone make this account cooler than 90% of the fashion brands you follow.

8. And as another animal w/amaze lewks, @estherthewonderpig:

She’s a fabulous pink pig who loves to dress up. What more could you possibly want in your timeline?

9. The sometimes grumpy, but always cuddly-looking @panther.cat:

Those eyes contain multitudes.

10. The creepishly cool @boristhechameleon:

If you’ve never seen a chameleon’s color changing capabilities in action, this is a must-follow.

11. This teeny tiny teacup pig, @mybestfriendhank:

Like Babe, but REAL!!!

12. The eternally rascally @george.the.ferret:

He wants little hats and weasels his way into weird situations. It’s a mood.

13. And for more raccoon content, there’s always @pumpkintheraccoon:

Follow for shots of her and her rescue BFFS, two dogs named Toffee and Oreo.

14. More mini pigs you say??? How about @prissy_pig?

Two piggos for the price of one. Plus, spoiler alert: they wear taco costumes at some point…

15. The always slightly overwhelmed @harrythedowniepug:

He always looks just a little bit upset, which we can relate to.

16. And, finally, of course, the most stylish dog in the world, @mensweardog.


Fashion doge. Any questions?

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