16 Mind Blowing Pictures Of Animals That Will Make You Do A Double-take

1. This little pika hiding amongst this rocky landscape.

Colleen Gara / Getty Images

2. This alligator blending in perfectly with its surroundings.

Daniela Duncan / Getty Images

American Alligator sleeping, blending in the environment.

3. This common pauraque you would probably never spot, resting on the forest floor.

Daniel A. Leifheit / Getty Images

4. This cute little pygmy seahorse camouflaged to look like the coral reef.

Abdullah Al-eisa / Getty Images

5. This giant horned lizard that fits in perfectly with its leafy surroundings.

Mark Newman / Getty Images

6. This arctic fox that fits right in with its snowy landscape.

Robert Postma / Getty Images

7. This pallid scops owl camouflaged against the tree bark.

Noorhussain / Getty Images

8. This yellow crab spider blending into these flowers to hunt its prey.

Sandra Standbridge / Getty Images

9. This nubian ibex whose coat hides it within the rocks.

Janjbrand / Getty Images

10. This green lizard hiding amongst the leaves.

Yahia Alsharif / Getty Images

11. This reef octopus that hides within the seabed.

Placebo365 / Getty Images

12. This giant leaf insect that looks…just like a leaf.

Paul Starosta / Getty Images

13. This mountain goat, fading into the rock face.

Robert Downie / Getty Images

14. This arctic hare nestling between the snowy rocks.

Lynn_bystrom / Getty Images

15. This moss frog is pretty much impossible to see.

Paul Starosta / Getty Images

16. And finally, this pandercetes celatus spider that will probably give you nightmares.

Saketh Upadhya / Getty Images

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