17 Easy Projects Made With Old Sweaters

17 Easy Projects Made With Old Sweaters – 



It’s sweater weather! Time to cycle out that summer wardrobe and cozy up with knitwear! But look at last year’s sweaters. Sure, some of them are perfectly nice — but don’t you sort of regret that green and brown argyle print that you thought brought out your eyes, but really just made your haven’t-seen-the-sun-in-a-week pallor look sickly? It’s probably best to learn your lesson on that one.Don’t just throw those threadbare or questionably colored knits away, though. You can upcycle them into new accessories and decor for your home!

1. Cover a vase!

Sweater sleeves can make cute cozies, bringing a little bit of warmth to your indoor plant displays. 


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2. Just cut the cowl neck off for a scarf!

This is probably the easiest project of the bunch! 

3. Keep your furry friends warm, too.

Nothing makes me feel guiltier than my skinny little dog shivering away at my feet in the cold months. For the little ones, a bit of extra warmth is as easy as cutting off a sleeve and adding holes for Fido’s front legs. 

Or, you know, keep those baby goats warm.

And die of cuteness overload!


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4. Make a coffee cozy.

Keep your caffeine warmer longer and save your fingers from paper to-go cups that make you wonder if the coffee shop brewed their beans in the middle of a volcano.

5. Upgrade your gift-wrapping game!

Whether you go with a simple “ribbon” to enhance your wrapping paper, or cover the whole thing with wool, the recipient will be impressed! Bonus points if the wrapping can become a winter headband.

6. Cover a lampshade for romantic warmth.

Not only will this trick add a wintery touch to your decor, the sweater will mute the light to a warm glow. The effect can be adjusted depending on the sweater you use.

Found some more sweaters in the back of your closet?

When did you last wear that mustard yellow one? Keep going, I have more projects it could be great for!


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7. Cover your tablet.

Don’t spend a ton of money on covers for your electronics. You can easily make your own. Scale down the project and you can even cover your phone!

8. Practice fashionable layering.

In another great reuse of sweater sleeves, you can make a set of matching boot cuffs or legwarmers for those particularly cold mornings. 


viaMichelle Sexton / So Here’s My Life

9. Keep your toes warm by making slipper boots.

While I don’t miss the look of the stained carpet in the living room, most of my house is hardwood now, meaning my feet get chilly in the winter. These toasty slipper boots are the perfect solution!


viaDrawing Under The Table

10. Even jewelry can be cozy!

Cover a cheap bangle with scraps from a bright sweater to make fun, fuzzy bracelets.

11. Planter pouches.

An old sweater can become a cute, rustic planter with the most basic sewing skills. The porous fabric will let water drain, yet retain the moisture for healthy, happy roots!


viaCynthia Shaffer / Lark Crafts

12. Hats!

One sweater is more than enough material for two or three hats — unless you have a very large head — so you could make a matching set for everyone in your family!

13. Don’t forget the little ones!

Keep those tiny heads warm with homemade hats, too! Since they’re smaller, you can make even more from a single sweater, so it won’t be such a bother when you inevitably lose one. With all that extra fabric, there’s plenty of opportunities to experiment with different styles and techniques, like a sweet little bow on the brim!

14. Pillows!

The only thing cozier than curling up on the couch with hot chocolate and a bundle of pillows and blankets is doing so with pillows covered in old sweaters. So toasty warm!

15. Decorate your tree.

Even the smallest leftover scraps can become cute ornaments. Save the leftovers from one of the previous projects and don’t waste anything!

16. Make yourself a purse.

The one pictured is particularly clever by also reusing an old leather belt.

17. Patch them all together.

Mix and match patterns and colors to make yourself a beautiful blanket. 

So get to work transforming those old sweaters!

What else can you think to make with them? Be sure to share ideas in the comments!
Just make sure you’re only cutting up your own!

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