17 Naughty Cats From the Dark Side

1. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight.

2. If you have a closer look, it’s just a cat sitting on top of a ground light.

3. “We rescued Maggie from a dumpster, and in return she haunts us from the trees.”

5. “All the normal cats out there and I find him…”

6. It looks like this innocent kitty is about to summon a ghost.

8. “He got his head stuck in the treat jar and now he looks like a demon.”

10. “That’s Mo, my vampire cat.”

12. Rising up in a ray of light

13. There are no table lamps needed when you have a cat like this.

15. Someone please call an exorcist!

16. When the game of light and shade turns your kitty into a king of darkness.

17. That is probably the cutest vampire of the cat world.

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