17 Photos Of Cats To Delight & Entertain You

17 Photos Of Cats To Delight & Entertain You –

Feeling blue? Nine out of ten doctors prescribe cat pictures, and the 10th doctor is a dog person.

1. This cat’s feet are the most important thing you’ll see all day.

credit: Tumblr

2. Mystery solved!

credit: Reddit

3. The moment you realize why your human put you in the bathtub

4. When you don’t know anyone at the party

credit: Imgur

5. “Hold paws with me. Come on! Please?”

6. What a coinkidink!

credit: Cheezburger

7. Tolerance is not the same as acceptance.

credit: Reddit

8. No kill, only boop.

9. This rescued feral kitten just discovered belly rubs.

10. This is what friends do.

credit: Imgur

11. Get those feets! Get ’em!

12. A cat is a cat, no matter where at.

credit: Twitter

13. “I meant to do that.”

14. When your eyeliner game is on point, but you still have to do the other eye

credit: Tumblr

15. Helpful cat is helpful.

16. When you wake up from a nap and can’t remember what decade it is

credit: Reddit

17. Finally, something we can all agree on!

credit: Reddit

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