18 Amazing Pictures Of Nature

18 Amazing Pictures Of Nature –

1. This shark is older than the USA.

2. “This tree on my farm in California”

3. A Manta Ray Underwater

4. This blue fungus growing on a dead branch

5. The phenomenon of “crown shyness”

6. A storm during a volcanic eruption

7. Gigantic leaves of a water lily

8. Snapdragon seed pods look like skulls.

9. A sawfish

10. Cute Ouroboros baby dragon

11. The eye of winter

12. The moon, the Milky Way, lava, and a meteor…

13. An American crocodile

14. Beautiful on top, but deadly beneath

15. Clouds before a storm

16. Black Hellebore

17. Neskowin Ghost Forest in Oregon

18. Galapagos marine iguanas

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