18 Cats and Dogs Who Are So Over It Right Now

18 Cats and Dogs Who Are So Over It Right Now –

1. When your human decides to take up jogging at the crack of dawn.

credit: Instagram

2. “If I can’t fits, no one sits.”

credit: Tumblr

3. This is the fourth photo shoot today.

credit: Imgur

4. “How is it that this drivel gets published, and no one will even look at my manuscript?”

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5. “This is not the kind of walkies I agreed to.”

credit: Reddit

6. “Nobody does catnip anymore. They’re all on CBD oil.”

7. When your human keeps making bad life choices and you can’t say anything because you’re a dog.

credit: Imgur

8. Enough is enough.

credit: Imgur

9. “What the hell, dude?”

10. “This toy looks like it came from a dumpster. Do I look like a cat that plays with dumpster toys? Do I?”

credit: Reddit

11. When your human thinks a little rain is enough reason to leave the dog park.

credit: Reddit

12. When the third person in a row asks you if they need to sign in.

credit: Huffington Post

13. Revenge is a dish best served green.

credit: Imgur

14. “Wow, great story.”

credit: Imgur

15. It was pretty funny the first time.

16. “You know what you did.”

credit: Reddit

17. When you realize that your hobby doesn’t give you the excitement that it used to.

credit: Reddit

18. “Excuse you.”

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