18 Cats Who Are Social Distancing Pros

From the start of the coronavirus outbreak, people haven’t exactly been the best about social distancing.

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Cats, however, are proving themselves to be very good at quarantining — and we can all learn from them. So here are 18 cats who are doing a better job at social distancing than a lot of people.

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1. This trio who understand what social distancing is all about.


Not quite 6 feet apart — but getting there.

2. And these two fur babies who are also getting the hang of it.

4. And this cat who is leading Zoom meetings like a pro.

5. These cats who are ~expurrts~ at social distancing.

8. And this cool cat who’s doing everything they can to stay busy.

9. This astro-cat who has taken face masks to a whole new level.

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10. This cat who’s determined to get some exercise in.

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11. These cats who have learned how to solve problems at a distance.

12. This cat who has found the perfect spot for TV watchin’.

13. This athlete-in-training who has found another use for toilet paper.

14. This playful pal who has found a new way to self-isolate.

15. And this cat who has an enjoyable morning routine.

16. This professional pet who is very prepared for all his work-from-home meetings.

17. This fashionista who has successfully pulled off a fabulous quarantine catwalk.

18. And finally, these two kitties who are doing social distancing exactly right.

H/T to @mrlockyer‘s Twitter thread on cats following lockdown advice.

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