18 Reluctant Pet Parents Who Eventually Came Around

18 Reluctant Pet Parents Who Eventually Came Around –

1. This grandpa who “don’t want that dang cat”:

2. This mom who uses sweet potatoes as a peace offering:

3. This dad who now must have his pug on him AT 👏 ALL 👏 TIMES 👏:

4. This guy who’s no longer an empty nester:

5. This happy constructor of Kimba’s new fortress:

6. These accommodating cat people:

7. This dog dad who needed a whole montage to encapsulate his love:

8. This dad and his iPup:

9. This pawrent whose baby lives better than I do:

10. This recently-converted Dog Dad™:


“My dad: I don’t want dogs in the house

Also my dad:”

11. This courteous caregiver:

12. This anti-cat person turned cat carpenter:

13. This newly-bonded pair:

14. This dad who sees his dog as an offspring equivalent:

15. This pug papá whose home remains intact despite his four-legged friend:

16. This dad whose stance remains firm:

17. This adorable grandPAW (!!!!!!!!)

18. And lastly, this total liar:

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