18 Very Good Dog Instagram Accounts That’ll Melt Your Heart

18 Very Good Dog Instagram Accounts That’ll Melt Your Heart

1. Boop My Nose

Instagram: @boopmynose

Boop My Nose is great because with each like, you get to ~virtually~ boop a dog’s snoot. And let me tell ya — these snoots are quite boopable.

2. Dogs Eating Gently

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d o n u t 🎥@oliviakennedy_

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Instagram: @dogseatinggently

I always scroll through Dogs Eating Gently when I’m feeling stressed. Watching these puppers very calmly and politely nibble on treats soothes me in ways nothing else can.

3. Dogs in Food

Instagram: @dogs_infood

Dogs in Food is literally just dogs photoshopped into food. So basically, WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLE WANT?!?!?!?!

5. We Rate Dogs


We Rate Dogs — A classic, a fan fave, a true internet treasure. 13/10.

6. Dogs With Wine

Instagram: @dogswithwine

Dogs with Wine proves that nothing pairs better with an oaky red than a stimky lil’ boye!!!!!!!!!

7. Bubblebecca Pugs


Instagram: @bubblebeccapugs

Bubblebecca Pugs is the PERFECT insight to what life is like as a pug rescuer! It follows a huge (like, 30+) grumble of pugs that were either bred or rescued by the immaculate Pug Queen Rebecca Drake. It’s just very, very pure.

8. Pups in Pajamas



Instagram: @pupsinpajamas


9. Pups ‘n Coffee


Instagram: @pupsncoffee

Pups ‘n Coffee? Two very good and highly addictive things.

10. Dogs With Stuffed Animals


OBVIOUSLY love Dogs with Stuffed Animals. It’s just a bunch of pupperinos bein’ babies with their fave stuffies!!!!!!

11. Dogspotting


Instagram: @dogspottingorg

Dogspotting is a giant collection of the world’s most majestic doggos captured on film. It’s a modern staple of internet dog culture.

12. Boris and Horton Dog Café


Instagram: @borisandhorton

BORIS AND HORTON IS MY FAVORITE COFFEESHOP IN ALL OF NEW YORK CITY AND MAYBE THE ENTIRE WORLD. You get to drink coffee, eat snacks, and hang out with a bunch of snoofers, so it’s more or less heaven. Plus they have a bunch of adoption events that they post about on Insta!!!

13. Pug Café


Instagram: @popuppugcafe

Slightly more niche than Boris and Horton as it’s breed-specific, the Pug Café is PA 👏 RA 👏 DISE 👏 for pug lovers. It’s currently in England, so if you can’t make it to the actual shop, just follow them on Insta!!!

14. Malamute Pack Life


Instagram: @malamutepacklife

Malamute Pack Life lets you stay up-to-date on the daily lives of a team of sled dogs! Only follow if you have a thing for the floooooof.

15. Pugdashians


Instagram: @pugdashians

Three pugs in matching outfits causing a commotion wherever they go? Instant follow for the Pugdashians.

16. Dogs Who Brunch


Instagram: @dogswhobrunch

Dogs Who Brunch probably should’ve called themselves Mutts with Mimosas, but ya know what? I still love them and respect the quality content they share with us.

17. Corgi Butts



18. Dogs Taking Dumps


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Rainbow dump @ohmyerotica 🐶💩🌈

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Instagram: @dogstakingdumps

This last one’s more of an acquired taste, but for those who appreciate it, Dogs Taking Dumps is an instant classic.


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