19 Adorable Dogs Who Will Make Your Instagram A Better Place

Because your Instagram could always use more dogs.

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1. Toby the Chow Chow (@tobypuff)

This Instagram features videos of Toby the 1-year-old chow chow running with his tiny fluffy legs.

2. Sid the Beagle (@myregalbeagle)

Just a lot of pictures of Sid with food in his mouth looking really happy, i.e. literally being you.

3. Akira, Blaze, Shiloh, and Phènix the Huskies (@husky_quartet)

All “squad goals” other than this are meaningless in comparison. Features them splashing about in the sea as a beautiful, furry family.

4. Maru the Shiba Inu (@marutaro)

Maru resides in Japan with his owner, Shinjiro Ono, and has over 2.4million Instagram followers, which is understandable because he looks like literally the most chill dog in the world.

5. Molly and Boomer the Newfoundlands, and Lady the Pomeranian (@mollythenewfie)

The only thing better than big dogs and small dogs respectively is when they come together to form an incredibly enviable group, like this one.

6. Manny the French Bulldog (@manny_the_frenchie)

Manny the French bulldog is not only ~iconic~, but is also an actual award winner.

7. Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug)

The most versatile pug on in the internet, and although all the photos of him dressed up are cute, nothing beats the mini videos featuring ideas such as Doug the Pug is the New Black.

8. Smiley the Golden Retriever (@smileytheblindtherapydog)

Smiley was born with no eyes, and is now a therapy dog for St. John Ambulance in Canada.

9. Crusoe the Dachshund (@crusoe_dachshund)

Crusoe is a pretty big deal, with a New York Times bestselling book, and his Instagram is full of pictures of him looking dashing AF.

10. Tuna the Chihuahua/Dachshund (@tunameltsmyheart)

Tuna is a Chiweenie and the Instagram page is basically a series of amazing reaction faces to use in every situation.

11. Sir Charles Barkley the French Bulldog (@barkleysircharles)

With one of the best dog names ever, Charles is a 3-year-old residing in Seattle, and also a sharp dresser.

12. Loki the Husky/Arctic Wolf/Malamute mix (@loki_the_wolfdog)

Nothing to see here, just an amazing giant wolfdog who goes around in the snow being majestic AF. It also features shots of him being cosy on a sofa, proving that all dogs are pretty soft-hearted.

13. Corgnelius and Stumphrey the Corgis (@corgenelius)

With their excellent punny names, these two brothers waddle their way through life on their adorable, tiny legs.

14. Ramsey the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (@bluestaffy)

Staffordshire bull terriers often unfairly get a bad reputation, but this Instagram is proof that they are the sweetest, as Ramsey chills at home in his hoodie.

15. Tazz the Australian Shepherd (@tazzydw2)

Tazz is an obscenely beautiful Australian shepherd with heterochromia iridum, giving him his different eye colours.

16. Cookie the Poodle (@ps.ny)

Featuring stunning, minimalist shots of Cookie about town and, occasionally, dressed up in a little jumper.

17. Parker the Labradoodle (@parkerthelabradoodle)

Parker lives in San Francisco and is a mini Australian Labradoodle who owns an impressive collection of glasses.

18. Kintai the Yorkshire Terrier (@dear_kintai)

This dashing-as-hell Yorkshire terrier lives in Hong Kong, and the food he’s sometimes photographed with is worth a follow in itself.

19. Tibby the Corgi (@tibbythecorgi)

Her full name is Tibby Tibbles and she is a rarer kind of corgi, born with fluffy fur instead of the slightly coarser coat most Pembroke corgis have.

19 Adorable Dogs Who Will Make Your Instagram A Better Place


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