19 of the Best Remixes From That ‘Gabe The Dog’ Meme

19 of the Best Remixes From That ‘Gabe The Dog’ Meme – 

So a few years back, YouTuber deathtrips posted videos of his cute friggin’ dog, Gabe, barking that really took off. Here’s the original videos:

People soon started doing song remixes with Gabe’s barking that became sort of meme-ish, but they never took off in a ‘Damn Daniel!’ kind of way. Until now.

Largely due to YouTuber Arf, who was always fond of the dog, the Gabe the Dog meme still has some legs. In fact, Gabe might be popular for a while, since he’s been embraced by YouTube’s YTPMV (YouTube Poop Music Video) and Reddit’s r/youtubehaiku/ communities. So check out the latest and greatest Gabe the Dog videos form Arf and others. All of whom are finally giving Gabe the Dog his day.

Imperial Borks [Star Wars]

We Are Number One but it’s borked by Gabe the Dog

The Borking Dead

Careless Bork

we no speak dog

Super Bork World

YTPMV | Tetris Main Theme ( Gabe The Dog Remix )

Spidogger Dance [YTPMV]

Gabe the Dog – Can Can

Doggos of the Borkribbean

Bork Busters

Spooky Scary Borks

Borkemon Go

Indiana Borks

Grand Theft Bork

Borkrica [Toto]

How To Bork

Jurassic Bork


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