19 Dogs Posing For Their Owners Have People Saying ‘Awww’

19 Dogs Posing For Their Owners Have People Saying ‘Awww’


Dogs are such posers.

No, not like that. We don’t mean to suggest they’re fake or vain or showoffs or status-grubbing, social climbers. What we mean to say is that they’re photogenic AF — and some of them definitely know it.

That’s the takeaway — well, one of them at least — from a hilarious thread on Twitter in which pet owners shared pictures of their pups flashing their best smiles and fiercest looks for the camera.

It all started when Lindsey Adler, a writer in New York, bumped a shot of her gorgeous pup, Fisher, to the top of her feed.

But it was Adler’s caption/question — “Why does Fisher know how to pose?” — that really piqued the microblogging platform’s collective interest because soon enough other people were piggybacking on the comment chain, proudly posting their dog’s go-to, money shots.





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