19 Ordinary Things That Will Leave You In Awe

19 Ordinary Things That Will Leave You In Awe –

1. An unusual human eye

2. A caterpillar’s lunch

3. A stunning pink dolphin

4. A heart-shaped strawberry

5. A lone tree that resembles those in horror movies

6. A skinless snake

7. The Diphylleia grayi flower becomes transparent after being in contact with water.

8. “I found a 150-year-old coin in my change.”

9. Minimalistic playing cards

10. This Japanese village looks like it belongs in a fairy tale

11. The symmetric coloring of this flower

12. A heart-shaped tomato

13. This is where the night meets the day

14. This what a million dollars looks like in one-dollar bills

15. A tiny screwdriver

16. There’s a magical forest in Belgium where millions of bluebells bloom together once a year.

17. An M&M in the shape of a perfect icosahedron

18. The skeleton of a puffer fish

19. Snow on the dunes of Mars

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