19 Perfect Puppies Being Their Perfect Puppy Selves

19 Perfect Puppies Being Their Perfect Puppy Selves –




1. There’s something really special about watching puppies experience new things. And in 2018, these puppies did some VERY big things. Take George, for example. He had his first bath!

2. Peaches says, “Bath? Try swimming in a pool!” Because she did THAT!

3. Charlie rode in a car for the first time and I think it’s safe to say he REALLY enjoyed himself.

4. This brave little baby survived his first trip to the vet.

AnibalNA / Via reddit.com

5. And Rosie got groomed for the very first time. Can you say, helloooo gorgeous?

6. Mabel tried walking with a leash. Don’t worry sweet girl, you’ll get used to it!

7. Winnie really loved her first-ever tennis ball.

8. This sweet baby checked out Petsmart for the first time.

9. And Meeko was wondering if it’s possible to go to the dog park every day because boy was it fun!

10. Asher learned the importance of puppy education when he started kindergarten. Your teachers are so lucky to have you, sweet boy!

11. And how about a big conGRADulations to Custard for completing puppy training this year!

12. Many puppies went on some seriously cool adventures. Ella went to an apple farm and got a tasty treat out of it!

13. Murphy went on his first hike. Way to go, Murphy!

14. Did you really go to the beach if you didn’t stick your snout in the sand? Yogi thinks not!

15. And this pup upgraded from head-out-the-car-window to his very first boat ride!

Pickle_78 / Via reddit.com

16. Lots of puppies tasted new and exciting things. Jill tried coffee and was not impressed.

17. Jack really loved his first puppucino.

18. And Balto’s little eyes were opened to the wonderful world of peanut butter.

19. Congrats to all the puppies on everything they accomplished in 2018! Hopefully 2019 brings just as much excitement — though this sheepadoodle thinks snow will be VERY hard to top!

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