20 Animals Who Have Accepted That This Is Their Life Now

20 Animals Who Have Accepted That This Is Their Life Now – 

One of my favorite subreddits lately has been /r/thisismylifenow, a hilarious compilation of people and animals who have completely resigned themselves to unpleasant life circumstances. Here are some of the funniest pictures and GIFs of animals who have completely given up on everything:

I guess I’m a duck now

life now ducklings


This is this shiba’s life now



I live on this mat and have always lived on this mat

The humans have made me a panda; therefore, I am a panda

life now panda


If they think my lip is a worm, it must be a worm

Fine, it’s your bed now

This is how life will be from now on

life now basketball


The face of defeat

life now cat balloon


I haven’t seen a dog look this betrayed by snow sinceSnow Dogs

life now snow dog



Quiet dignity in the face of great adversity

What do you expect me to do, GET UP?!

I’m too old for this

I’m a towel

life now towel


I dunno, my owner makes me pose like this and it’s easier to not defy her

I guess this is what parenthood is

Whatchu lookin’ at?

Life is meaningless

At least one of you gets it


I meant to do that

Which resigned animal was your favorite?


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