20 Beautiful Black Cats Demonstrating Black Cat Problems

credit: Tricia Fonda Harrison via Facebook

2. “When your cat is a black hole bending the pillow-bed continuum back onto itself”

credit: Rice Loudvicar via Facebook

3. “[Darn] it Meadow open your eyes so people don’t think you’re my creepy shadow. 🤣”

credit: smarchant1212 via Instagram

[🎵 The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” plays in background 🎵]

credit: smarchant1212 via Instagram

4. “One of these thimgs is mot like the other! *Himt: it’s the one with gold om Himbs meck!” 🤣

credit: Matt Stoker via Facebook

5. “Mo voidboi here, omly tamk top.”

credit: Zuza Mochocka via Facebook

6. “Hide and seek champion”

credit: ms_purrrr via Instagram

7. “I spent almost an hour searching high and low for my little void kitteh. He’s always close by, snuggling or just hanging out and it was unusual for him to not be in eyesight. Frantically, I start opening cabinets, closets, calling his name with no luck. I start looking outside thinking maybe he somehow slipped out when I let the dogs out, my ears straining to hear the jingle of the little bell on his collar. After no luck, I run back inside, ready to call the police, fire department and the FBI to put out an APB on a void boi with a red collar when I finally spot him….”

“Himbs camouflaged a/f!”
credit: Kelsey Rasor‎ via Facebook

“Seriously, I looked EVERYWHERE. Never even thought about looking in the DOG CRATE until I saw these pretty green eyes staring up at me 😂”

credit: Reddit

8. “Just a blamket, keep scrolling 😶”

credit: Zuza Mochocka via Facebook

9. [Extreme Trevor Slattery Iron Man 3 voice: “You’ll never see me coming,”]

credit: Gayle Castro via Facebook

10. “Putting groceries away. Found a sneaky Squid.”

credit: Coleen Evelynn Cox via Facebook

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11. “His secrets have secrets”

12.  “Yes, hemlo, may halp you?”

credit: Lavonah Welsh via Facebook

13. “When you finally unlock a character in the downloadable content”

credit: Ana Paula Perez via Facebook

14. “Tried to send my bf pictures of his void boi and he couldn’t see him in them so I tried to help by outlining him and this is the result. Ha!”

credit: Pretty-Sky Wilden via Facebook

15. “Wait for it ….” (No, seriously WFI.)

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16. “My friend, a centaur, cutting vegetables in her kitchen”

credit: Zachary Thomas via Facebook

Dog?!? What dog?

17. “When your cat thinks he’s a polka dot”

credit: mcware96 via Facebook

18. “those aren’t cats 😂 those a catmeloens 🤣”

credit: Mysterious Cat via Facebook

19. Okay, fine, so one person one time got one well-lit picture of a black cat.

Me: “Black cats don’t photograph well” The literal sun: “HOLD MY BEER”
credit: Children Of The Night via Facebook

20. “Do you have any games on your phone?”

credit: Ysabella Brave via Facebook

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