18 Cute White Tattoos That Make Oh-So-Subtle Statements

18 Cute White Tattoos That Make Oh-So-Subtle Statements –

While the world at large has been rocking white henna designs for years, white-ink tattoos are a relatively new trend. You can do just about anything with white ink and the tattoo won’t command as much attention as something done in black or a color, a selling point for those who want to make a more subtle statement. The white ink does stand out — and your skin will stand up — when you first get the tattoo done, but it will fade over time, making the lines look more like thin scars. Also, because the ink is less saturated with pigments, it can be tough to see on light skin tones. If you’re sold on a simple design that will essentially match anything in your closet, though, white ink is for you! Take a look at these 20 ideas for some inspiration.



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