20 MORE Times People Realized Accidental Art Was Better Than Their Own Art

20 MORE Times People Realized Accidental Art Was Better Than Their Own Art –

#61 The Way This Window Turned To Look Like A Painting. Florence, Italy

Image source: pandathug

#62 The Pattern Formed By These Tables And Their Shadows

Image source: babbettebaboon

#63 The Way The Dye Fell Through This Solvent I Was Making

Image source: muja0902

#64 Cool Ice Pattern On My Wheel After Driving Through Wet Snow

Image source: dibshi

#65 Tire Mark On Highway Looks Like Hummingbird

Image source: 96speed

#66 Took This With My Phone Through My Windshield While Stopped At A Light

Image source: SuperCub

#67 The Tear-Out On This Veneer Looks Like A City Skyline

Image source: drewdp

#68 My Friend’s Nail Polish Chipped To Look Like An Old Fisherman

Image source: carrse

#69 I Was Melting Down Some Chocolate At School And Noticed This Little Bird And Tree Design On My Spatula

Image source: HannahGraceN

#70 My Coffee Surprised Me With A Painting This Morning

Image source: alphapiglet_

#71 I Dropped A Box Of Spaghetti On The Ground And Accidentally Graduated From Art School

Image source: Man_E_No

#72 A Flurry Of Cherry Blossom Petals

Image source: golden_an

#73 Dropped My Phone, It Bounced Off The Trail And 20 Feet Down The Side Hill Through The Vegetation. It Was On A Camera Timer

Image source: aaronrcouch

#74 Yin Yang In A Water Drop

Image source: BenjiMalone

#75 Dried Up Salt Water Turned Into Squares

Image source: koyfishy

#76 The Sunrise Shining Off The Icy Roof Of My Car

Image source: Sakka15

#77 The Opening In This Wall Looks Like A Piece Of Art Hanging On It

Image source: JSaltyRae

#78 This Unfiltered Picture I Took Looks Like An Oil Painting Because Of The Rain On The Window

Image source: jmerskine1

#79 The Algae On My Pontoon Boat Looks Like A Pretty Good Painting

Image source: dudecephus

#80 This Almost Symmetrical Pattern Someone Left In Our Driveway This Morning

Image source: petrprie

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