20 MORE Times People Realized Accidental Art Was Better Than Their Own Art

20 MORE Times People Realized Accidental Art Was Better Than Their Own Art



#81 The Foam In My Beer Looks Like A Smiling Dog

Image source: xray_anonymous

#82 This Cat Looks Pretty Cool Through The Glass Of One Of Our Windows Like Some Sorta Painting

Image source: PeteGriffin32

#83 My Wife Looks Like She Is Walking Inside A Painting. I Took This With Her iPhone

Image source: HongKongHuey

#84 This Stepping Stone Looks Like A Painting Of Misty Mountains

Image source: Michellehas2ls

#85 The Siracha I Put On My Egg Accidentally Looks Like Someone Hugging The Sun

Image source: theflippist

#86 Pollen That Formed On The Water Looks Like Artwork

Image source: Imakeyoulaughlongtime

#87 This Is What Paint Looks Like Before It Gets Shaken

Image source: Kids_Jelly

#88 Accidental Monet

Image source: The_Doctor_00

#89 My Dirty Work Pants Left A Very Clear Imprint On This Chair

Image source: skitar_gibson

#90 There’s A Creepy Smiley Face In My Coffee

Image source: deedeelocks


#91 Old Paint On A Rusted Container

#92 This Clock In A Server Room Is Accidental Modern Art

Image source: AmazingNews

#93 The Bottom Of My Eraser Looks Like A Painting Of Birds In Front Of A Row Of Trees

Image source: Maxiscoolerthanyou

#94 Wanted To See What A Plant Would Look Like Before I Hung It. Forgot To Get Out Of The Way. Accidental Surrealism

Image source: actuallylike

#95 Accidental Ink Splodge Looks Like A Flying Pterodactyl

Image source: cheekychen

#96 Pattern Formed From A Table And Melting Snow

Image source: CheesenGrapes

#97 Slushy Roads + Centrifugal Force = Art

Image source: Cosmonauttttt11

#98 Saw This At Star Wars Celebration Parking Lot. That’s No Accident

Image source: notdagreatbrain

#99 The Fruit Bowl At My Work Fell Over And Now It Looks Like A Renaissance Painting

Image source: FFFrazer

#100 I Accidentally Painted A Horse With My Foot While Waiting For The Bus

Image source: Patriaga



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