20 MORE Times People Realized Accidental Art Was Better Than Their Own Art

20 MORE Times People Realized Accidental Art Was Better Than Their Own Art –



#101 My Friend’s Coffee Grounds Look Like An Abstract Forest Painting

Image source: emzieees

#102 Art Or Window Washing

Image source: a_lit_suh_dude

#103 This Window Looks Like A Painting

Image source: Diapolis

#104 The Street Water Made A Tree In The Snow Of The Parking Lot

Image source: P_Cray

#105 This Protein Shake Stain Looks Like An Alien

Image source: Czar_of_Nothing

#106 Unintentional Modern Art

Image source: internetsuperstar

#107 Crazy Stairs Look Like A M.C. Escher Painting, Not Sure Why Anybody Would Build Like This

Image source: TheFadedGrey

#108 Bob Ross Broke My Screen

Image source: malimukk

#109 Who Knew Paint Had A Brain?

Image source: DersDersderson

#110 The Residue Of Black Paint Mixed With My White Paint And Made A Little Forest

Image source: Stedey

#111 Washed My Daughters Comforter. This Is How It Ended Up When The Cycle Was Done

Image source: aumonkey

#112 This Melted Exit Sign Which Looks Like An Art Project

Image source: EvilChannel

#113 The Way The Rain Made This Paint Dry

Image source: jonnyhopkinz

#114 I Accidentally Put Too Much Paint On The Brush So I Pinched It On A Tissue And This Butterfly Emerged

Image source: sigurbodi91

#115 I Was Cleaning The Flat Top Grill At My Work And Suddenly A Canvas Of A Forest On The Lakeside

Image source: Wheresthechips

#116 This Photo My Uncle Took Of A Sunset Looks Like A Japanese Painting

Image source: RainyMeadows

#117 I Put Jello In The Freezer To Set It Quickly And Ended Up With This Awesome Pattern

Image source: skybluepink15

#118 My Cracked Fire Glass Looks Like A Thunderstorm Painting

Image source: notw86

#119 This Pattern In The Water From Boiling Eggs

Image source: Local_Humming_bird

#120 Ink Spilled Onto My Workbench, Tiny Swan Was Born

Image source: shelllbee



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